What happens when you attempt to do amazing things

What happens when you attempt to do amazing things

Over the course of our partnership, technology has changed at the speed of light, and we’ve had to change with it.

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How the Tour de France still gets it right after 116 years

100 years of Yellow

In 2019 we celebrate 100 years of the Yellow Jersey – 100 years since Eugène Christophe first pulled on the now iconic symbol of the Tour de France. We’ve come a long way since that day and the future looks even more exciting.

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A revolutionary history

Our partnership has been built on the idea that the digital transformation of the Tour de France should be as ambitious as possible, incorporating everything A.S.O. is doing, from media and social networks to hospitality and credentials. We look forward to seeing how the partnership with NTT will take the digital experience into the next era.

Yann le Moenner | CEO, Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O.) Our journey of innovation

NTT and A.S.O are transforming the world of pro cycling


First race reports in L'equipe


First wireless radio transmission


First live TV transmission


First cameras on motorbikes


First TV inlays


Enters digital era with first official website


First live trackers fitted to bikes


Hired community manager for social media


First mobile application


First advertising caravan geolocation


First action cams on riders


Success with live tracking and data publishing


Machine learning introduced to cycling


Trial of artificial intelligence

From 2014 - 2018:

App downloads increased

36 %

Social media fans grew

159 %

Video views up

1067 %

Website visits up

37 %


Today, in data

The use of data has fundamentally changed the viewing experience of pro cycling. A.S.O. has been at the forefront of this revolution, consistently innovating with data and technology to make every aspect of every race exciting for each fan

Peter Gray | Senior Director, Advanced Technology Group: Sport, NTT Innovation at the 2019 race
How Big Data is used at the Tour de France

How Big Data is used at the Tour de France

As cycling modernizes, we’re providing real time data for each pro cyclist at the Tour de France for fans and teams to analyse. Global Cycling Network (GCN) went behind the scenes at the #TdF2019 to find out how it works, and to see if they could beat the machine to correctly predict the stage winner.

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Headline Taking tech to Tour de France

Taking tech to Tour de France

Tour de France has entered the digital era with NTT, helping to enhance the viewing experience for fans. Join Group Vice President Peter Gray as he discusses how NTT is revolutionising the viewing experience of the greatest cycling race in the world.

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A revolutionary fan experience of the Tour de France

interactive bicycle

Unlocking great stories

Graphic of a TV

On the broadcast

graphic of people

At the event

Graphic of a mobile phone

Through apps and social

When a sports stadium is a country

When a sports stadium is a country

Looking ahead to the next five years, we know that greater integration and better connectivity will allow us to create a much more seamless experience for fans

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How fans are disrupting the business of pro sports

How fans are disrupting the business of pro sports

While there’s certainly disruption and innovation in all industries, we see it that much more in sport: technology is being used to change how sport businesses work, and how they engage with fans and other partners in the ecosystem. There’s a desire to embrace technology, to innovate at a fast pace, to do great things.

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The future of fan engagement

From the start of our partnership with A.S.O., the Tour de France has been a live use case of business transformation. The technology behind the Tour de France viewing experience is powered by many of our solutions and platforms, which have evolved alongside our own transformation as an organization. We’re continuing our partnership at a time when our own business is taking a major step forward through the NTT integration.

Jason Goodall | ,Group CEO, NTT An exciting future
Tour de France ebook image

Revolutionizing the fan experience of the Tour de France

Dimension Data has become NTT to revolutionize the fan experience of the Tour de France. As Official Technology partner of Amaury Sport Organisation, we help a new generation of fans and followers of the race get a closer view of the action through live rider tracking, television graphics, and predictive data on social media and mobile screens around the world. We bring together intelligent technology and services in one place to enable the connected future. Together we can do great things. 

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