We believe a robust network can help rebuild a nation

Together with PREPA Networks, LLC, we created a OneCloud solution that kept people and businesses in Puerto Rico connected and disaster recovery teams coordinated after a major hurricane. Energy, connectivity, and the environment were all key to the infrastructure design of PREPA Networks’ Hub 787.

Why PREPA Networks, LLC needed a cloud services solution

The island of Puerto Rico ran the risk of being cut off during natural disasters as they didn’t have reliable fiber infrastructure.

PREPA Networks, LLC, a telecommunications provider in the Caribbean, has been delivering services to the region for 15 years. They’re driven to help their customers, and their island home, find and develop new services to grow their economy.

To enable economic devolvement, not only in Puerto Rico but the entire region, they required a facility that would act as a hub for all high-speed networks across the island. The telecommunications provider invested in the latest technologies, including offering OneCloud facilities and fiber optic infrastructures. Their goal was to make Puerto Rico a hub for technology in the region, attracting and motivating international businesses to invest.

As Puerto Rico is located firmly in a hurricane hotspot, any infrastructure had to be robust enough to weather the worst storms. This was highlighted when Hurricane Maria hit the island in 2017 causing wide-spread devastation.

The construction of PREPA Network’s Hub 787 proved to be a vital lifeline for the island, as it remained operational. This was crucial, considering the national power authority operates from their data center – if the hub went down, recovery operations would have taken longer.

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Intelligent Infrastructure

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Infrastructure-as-a-service, Consulting services

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NTT Ltd. not only understands the geographical position of the infrastructure, but they have also been instrumental in helping us deliver consulting services to our end customers.
José M. Bonilla , Business Development Manager, PREPA Networks, LLC

How a robust cloud solution keeps Puerto Rico connected

The creation and building of Hub 787 was essential to provide the people and businesses of Puerto Rico with a resilient connection.

The facility, which serves as a landing site for undersea cables, also acts as a hub for the highspeed fiber networks being rolled out across the island. Redundancy was a key consideration during construction as every site along the network needed failsafe paths. The completion of the hub, which is the region’s first certified data center, took four months, start to finish, thanks to Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

Rolling out a OneCloud solution to Hub787 allowed PREPA Networks to grow their existing service offering to their customers. The deployment of this service happened in a short time frame – allowing PREPA Networks to offer the service to customers quickly. With data being replicated to various OneCloud data centers across the world, multinational organizations are able to continue growing their businesses in the Caribbean, secure in the knowledge that their data is protected.

The resiliency of Hub 787 was put to the test during Hurricane Maria. The building experienced storm winds of up to 240 km/h but continued to operate smoothly. It kept the island, and its people, connected throughout the storm.

What staying connected meant for rebuilding a nation

The ability to stay connected, even during a category 5 storm like Maria, is vital. Efforts to rebuild and recover from the storm depended on teams being able to coordinate rescue efforts.

Hub 787 stood firm, withstanding one of the worst hurricanes to hit the region. It continued to operate, keeping the people of Puerto Rico connected to each other, and to the rest of the world. When the storm knocked out the mains power on the island, the generators kicked in and were able to run for 42 days straight.

The building’s infrastructure was so reliable and robust it acted as a stronghold for the community. People came to the facility to charge their devices and connect to family and friends. Teams on the ground were able to efficiently coordinate rescue efforts, thanks to the ability to connect and communicate with each other.

This helped the people of Puerto Rico to rebuild. Hub 787’s robust infrastructure was not only key to reconstruction efforts, but it’s helped cement PREPA Networks’ position as a leader in technology in the Caribbean. The OneCloud platform has been designed to grow and evolve, ensuring that the region’s businesses have the opportunity to expand.

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A fiber infrastructure robust and resilient enough to withstand a hurricane hotspot.

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Building a technology hub for the high-speed fiber networks being rolled out across the region.

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The infrastructure of Hub 787 and the OneCloud implementation created a reliable solution and provided a resilient connection.

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