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Our client innovation centers (CICs) have been designed to showcase innovative technologies and inspire visitors by addressing their digital transformation challenges. Our new CIC in Brussels, and existing CIC in Sydney, allow you to experience the infinite possibilities of new technologies first-hand. They feature leading developments in big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, biosensors and wearables, virtual and augmented reality, and security and encryption. This gives you access to disruptive and inspiring co-innovation use cases and prototypes, developed by NTT R&D and our co-innovation partners.

Our Client Innovation Center showcases

Two bicycles with a sceen behind

Tour de France

Transforming professional cycling. Over the last five years our Tour de France solution has evolved from gathering rider tracking data and creating real-time race data analytics and visualizations to predicting future outcomes through smart machine learning algorithms. This showcase exhibits how race organizer, A.S.O., is capturing large amounts of sensor data, integrating and aggregating it with other data, including previous performances and weather. Using data analytics and machine learning it then generates live insights and captivating predictions lifting the Tour experience to the next level.

Firefighters gear

FLAIM System

Transforming the way fire fighters are enabled. FLAIM Trainer is an immersive VR and haptics feedback simulator integrated with biosensing data to train and assess firefighters for dangerous scenarios that are hard to reproduce in reality, expensive and environmentally harmful. The full emulation of various fire scenarios and a haptic system create realistic scenario attributes, such as heat, force and intensity, to help with the training of firefighters and while measuring the trainees’ biometric information to assess physiological impact and screening.

Looking at the tablet screen

Hitoe – smart shirt technology

Smart shirt technology ‘Hitoe’ creates new experiences for sports fans. It gathers hundreds of data points per second, including body heat, muscle strength, hydration levels and heart rate. The user’s biological data can also be combined with other data, for example, from a race car to visualize the driver’s driving technique. This data can be analysed further to understand body movement, enhance performance and improve training.

This smart city concept embraces advanced technology to create an interactive city that provides intelligence to optimize citizen services. We deployed high-definition video cameras, sound sensors, as well as Internet of Things (IoT) devices to monitor a geographic area within the city’s innovation district. By leveraging cognitive analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, the system learns patterns and can detect and alert the authorities to abnormalities, reducing response times for first responders.

White and brown office furniture

Smart buildings 

The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating a new breed of smart buildings, improving operations and providing the best possible employee experience. Learn how the IoT building blocks we used to create the CIC let building systems talk to the cloud and analyse building data, driving real value and greater performance. This creates an open ecosystem with a frictionless user experience. And since it’s an open system, it’s future proof and easy to build on to. 

Man in blue suite and white shirt

Kirari! – Ultra realistic viewing experience

Imagine the future of fan engagement. Kirari! transforms the way we watch sports. Immersive telepresence technology brings ground-breaking, ultra-realistic viewing experiences to sports fans. You’ll see how organizations will communicate, educate, entertain and deliver services in the near future. It’s an immersive telecasting capability that can virtualize events and project them into other environments in real time. Imagine how CEO roadshows, election campaigning and education could be changed forever!

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