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Together we’re ensuring that SAS can reach their teams and customers anywhere in world. As a technology leader SAS needed a communications solution that would allow them to connect effortlessly. Standardizing on Cisco Webex Meetings and NTT Ltd. Cloud Calling has revolutionized the quality of their meetings and set them on the path for greater cloud adoption.

‘We’re deploying a number of collaboration solutions. NTT Ltd. provides us the backbone for implementing those solutions, and for our people to be successful.’
Eric Taylor , Senior IT Manager, SAS

How integrated collaboration helped SAS drive employee and customer satisfaction

‘We chose NTT Ltd. as our WebEx provider due to the high quality of service, both from a customer and technical perspective,’ said Eric Taylor, SAS Senior IT Manager.

‘Our customer success manager told us exactly what was going to happen, provided a communication plan for us to give our employees and then it was basically an overnight switch. Our employees were none the wiser,’ said Taylor. ‘Even after the transition, they offered multiple training opportunities and communications for staff, freeing up our IT team to focus on other priorities.’

Following the successful transition to Webex Meetings, they decided to use our Cloud-Connected Audio solution to ensure that they got a consistent experience at all their global locations.

‘The NTT Ltd. voice network -- with respect to local access and toll-free numbers globally - was the best-in-class,’ said Taylor. Users immediately noticed a significant improvement in the audio quality, as well as the user experience.‘

They were also looking for ways to deliver a range of interactions for their marketing webinar program including self-service webinars and fully produced large-scale meetings.

‘We were trying to reimagine our webinar program,’ explained Dean Shaw, Global Advocacy Program Manager. ‘We already had a relationship with NTT Ltd. so we knew they were a good partner to work with.’

The digital events solution now allows them to self-produce multiple webinars each week. ‘Each step of the way, NTT Ltd. provided the expertise that we didn’t have, making sure we were doing things correctly, and we were taking full advantage of the features and functionality of our new webinar platform,’ said Shaw.

What a cloud connected future looks like for SAS

Through their relationship with us, SAS has experienced the benefits of transitioning their communications to the cloud and is looking for additional ways to do so.

‘We are definitely adopting cloud communications in a number of ways, and there are a number of business drivers for that,’ said Taylor. ‘Chief among them would be “support-ability”. If you have a global solution with global IT staff that is standardized and scalable, it’s easy to support. It’s easy to expand that and deploy it into other locations’

The biggest benefit from the move to cloud communications is flexibility: the ability to work from anywhere, anytime, from any device. It’s very important to their team that they have a single, global service provider who can support their business, no matter where that business takes place. ‘With the advent of cloud communications, your communications are with you wherever you go, as long as you have a laptop or a smart phone. You can work anywhere, at any time,’ said Taylor.

As they look to the future, their next step is moving from on-premises to the cloud. They want to be out of the business of supporting infrastructure and patching servers and working with disparate vendors across the globe. As they move through their unified communications and collaborations roadmap, Taylor stresses the importance of choosing the right vendor to help them on their journey: ‘We’re deploying a number of collaboration solutions. NTT Ltd. provides us the foundation for implementing those solutions, and for our people to be successful.’

‘Our team has to be able to communicate and collaborate to be successful, and they can’t do that without a platform—and the platform can’t be successful without a cloud service provider like NTT.’
Eric Taylor , Senior IT Manager, SAS