We believe far from a city doesn’t mean far from quality education

Together with Connected North we use videoconferencing to connect remote students to education. Connected North is an educational program that uses video technology to deliver engaging content to schools in remote Indigenous communities. This allows teachers and students to take virtual field trips and engage with experts in different fields. An upgrade to the system platform has increased their capacity to run extra sessions and deliver additional programs to more communities – building hope, confidence and resilience in young people to enable these communities to resurge. 

Why Connected North brings astronauts to classrooms in remote Canadian communities

Connected North is an educational program that uses video technology to deliver engaging content and experiences to students and teachers in remote Indigenous communities. It also facilitates cultural exchanges and teacher capacity building, providing access to learning and mentorships that may otherwise have been very difficult to acquire.

The program exposes students to people and places they don’t usually have access to, because of the difficulty and costs of travelling to and from the community. With videoconferencing technology, Connected North is able to bridge that gap and enhance the curriculum by bringing exciting resources to classrooms. Live, interactive video sessions allow students and teachers to take virtual field trips to zoos, aquariums, art galleries, science centers and career fairs. Technology also brings experts to the classroom for demonstrations (such as science experiments) and Q&A sessions on a wide range of topics.

Showcasing Indigenous role models and mentors is an important part of the program. Students have had face time with the world’s first Indigenous astronaut and an internationally renowned First Nation chef, among others. Through these sessions, Connected North aims to show young people that any and every career is open to them – inspiring hope and building confidence.

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Which technologies?

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Which partners?


‘Connected North is all about building a relationship with the communities we serve. For many young people in those communities, experiences like field trips and visiting speakers are out of reach because of the cost of travel and remote location of schools. Technology allows us to bridge that gap and bring those experiences to the classroom in a virtual way.’
Waukomaun Pawis ,  Indigenous Education Coordinator, Connected North

How technology overcomes the challenges of distance to bring learning to life

To place team members closer to the three communities they serve (First Nation, Métis and Inuit), Connected North has six offices across Canada.

Weekly meetings allow them to share their ideas, strategies and successes – and are now made much easier by an NTT Ltd. voice system that connects everyone quickly and seamlessly, on one platform.

Program founder, Cisco, supplies the technology and devices for the unified communications system that connects schools to Connected North’s interactive, video-based learning program.

Following a significant upgrade, Connected North’s platform moved from on-premises to the cloud. In addition, they can now connect to the system from any web browser, which means speakers and users don’t need to download special software to connect.

We assisted with the installation and upgrade and provide monitoring and firewall services for uptime and security.

While the benefits of the program are widely acknowledged by the communities that use it, the system itself is daunting to some. To help overcome this, and encourage wider adoption of the program, we provide training and support for booking and running sessions.

The (very small) IT department at Connected North also has an open line to our experts. These services are all part of our Heads, Hearts and Hands corporate social responsibility initiative.