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We believe in our people

They’re not only diverse and inspiring, but also experts at what they do. As a global technology services provider, we employ over 40,000 people to be where our clients are based, across 57 countries. We’re working together to deliver sustainable outcomes to our clients and the world. 

Do you want to change the world?

Say hello to NTT 

More than 28 remarkable companies have come together to make the world a better place. Join our global team and work with the people who make hospitals more human, keep Vegas moving, chase the Tour de France up every mountain, and save endangered species. 

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Meet your mark

Perfectly proportioned, our logo combines geometry and poetry, grace and mathematics, logic and rhyme. Our logo represents our dynamism and commitment to innovation. It’s our promise to continue delivering value to people and society. Join the team that puts the voice of our client at the heart of our business. 

Reshaping conservation 

We’re passionate about changing the world. Using the latest technology, we’re reshaping conservation to protect our natural heritage. Through IoT sensors, we’re able to track the movements of humans, ensuring animals are able to roam free. If you’re passionate about using technology to reshape our world, be a part of a team determined to save endangered animals.   

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Revolutionizing fan engagement

We’ve taken the world’s most loved cycling race from a revolutionary viewing experience to the future of fan engagement. We’re doing more with data and analytics, and using machine learning to create new race predictions. If you want to help connect athletes, stadiums, and fans by reshaping the future of pro cycling and sport, be a part of our team of sports enthusiasts. 

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Below are the global companies that are coming together to create something extraordinary. Search our world of career opportunities below.

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NTT Communications Corporation

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